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Essentials while travelling from abroad to Karachi Pakistan
January 28, 2020
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Formerly known as Kolachi, Karachi used to be the capital and is among some of the most historic cities in Pakistan. The city goes back to the early 1700s when it started out as a village. Over the years, the importance of Kolachi increased with the arrival of the British and the East-India Company. After that, the city has developed so much and today, Karachi is the political, economic, and cultural hub of Pakistan. There is so much history attached to the name of Karachi that you can’t claim to know everything about it even after studying it for years.

The culture and history are clearly seen in many places of Karachi that include buildings and ports, roads, and much more. If you’re visiting Karachi for the first time, you are going to enjoy every bit of it. The city welcomes visitors with open arms and a past that will leave you astonished. Once you get to city, there is a long list of places to visit that will give you an experience of a lifetime. All you have to do is to hire rent a car in Karachi from professional rent a car and start your tour of the most amazing places you will ever see.

In this article, we will tell you some of the must-visit places in Karachi and give you all the reasons why you should visit them on your trip. Keep on reaching to learn some fascinating facts about the city’s history and culture!

Quaid’s Mausoleum Karachi


When visiting the largest and most populous city that was once the capital of a county, how can you miss the Mausoleum of the man who founded the county? Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of our nation and country was buried in Karachi and his burial site was turned into a beautiful Mausoleum. The square white building with a dome on top looks very peaceful in the centre of beautiful gardens. Visitors pay their regards at the Mazar-e-Quaid and enjoy picnics in the gardens surrounding it.

The Chaukhandi Tombs Karachi


This historic and ancient graveyard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has tombs of ancestors of local tribes. History enthusiasts love to visit these remains as it oozes of history and early culture of this ancient piece of land now called Karachi. It is situated 29 km east of Karachi. The easiest way to get there is to hire a car from the professional rent a car in Karachi and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Mohatta Palace Karachi


This palace is another beautiful and gorgeous colonial building located near old Clifton in Karachi. Built by a Hindu prince in 1925, the palace is used today as an art gallery and museum. The Mohatta Palace is the perfect example of the Rajasthani style and is a sight to behold both at day and at night.

Charna Island Karachi


Being a coastal city, Karachi has uncountable beaches and places with an amazing view of the Arabian sea. Charna Island is located at a 2-hour drive from central Karachi. Many water sports including scuba diving and snorkeling are available for visitors to enjoy. You can swim with the fish and marvel at the breathtaking views of the reef. This makes an ideal day trip for you and your family. Just hire vehicle from Karachi Rent a Car and get going to the most amazing trip of your life.

Turtle spotting at Turtle Beach and Paradise Point


If you’re a fan of beaches and sea creatures, these two activities should be your top priority. Turtle Beach in Karachi is located on the Hawksbay road. It is a naturally sandy beach with no rocks and reefs which makes it perfect for sea turtles to come and lay their eggs in the sand. The perfect spot for a picnic and to enjoy the views of cute turtles and the beautiful sea.

Paradise point is another beach where the sandstone rocks make a sort of arch. The beach has many attractions for families like camel rides, amusement parks, eateries, etc.

Frere Hall Karachi


Frere hall was built in the early British Colonial era to serve as the purpose of a town hall. Located at the Fatima Jinnah road, the beautiful building is now used as an exhibition space and library. Peaceful gardens surrounding the building can be a good spot for a picnic after paying a visit to the antique building.

The ruins of Bhambore


Bhambore used to be a city back in the 1st century. Its remains are located in the east of Modern Karachi. The city dates back to the Scythe-Parthian era and later on was controlled by Muslims from the 8th to 13th centuries, after which it was abandoned. If you have an interest in history and ancient architecture, this is the place for you. Plan a day trip with your family to get to know about the architectural history of this land.

Masjid e Tooba Karachi

Masjid-e -Tooba-Karachi

Masjid e Tooba, also known as the Gol Masjid, is located on the old Korangi road in Karachi. The Mosque is famous for the big beautiful white dome as the roof. The mosque is covered with white marble which gives it a breathtaking and peaceful finish. It can accommodate up to 5000 people.

Haleji Lake


This freshwater lake is situated in Thatta which is at a 70 km distance from Karachi. The lake is famous for the presence of reptiles especially huge crocodiles.  The lake was artificially made to provide fresh water for the British and American troops during world war II. People visiting Karachi often take a day trip to the Haleji lake to enjoy boating and sightseeing.

Hindu Gymkhana


Located on the Sarwar Shaheed Road in Karachi, Hindi Gymkhana is a colonial-era building that served the purpose of a club for Hindi upper class and elites in the early 1900s. The building is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture. Architecture enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the building that now hosts the National Academy of Performing Arts.

Ibn-e-Qasim Park Karachi

Bagh e Ibn-e-Qasim

Bagh e Ibn-e-Qasim or Ibn-e-Qasim park is the largest beachside park in Karachi, located near Clifton. The park covers an area of 130 acres and over 10 million people visit it every year. There is so much to do there that you can easily spend an entire day having fun. There are even some turtle ponds and a huge rose garden within its gates. It makes a perfect day out for the family to enjoy a picnic in the park and do other fun activities.

Museums in Karachi


Although there are many museums situated in Karachi, three of them are most famous. These include the PAF Museum, The National Museum of Pakistan and the Pakistan Maritime Museum. Filled with beautiful and ancient artifacts and other fascinating things, they make the perfect place to visit for people who are fond of history.

Cape Monze Beach Karachi


Located near Karachi, Cape Monze, locally known as Mount, is the perfect spot for unwinding. The beach is surrounded by hills that the tourists can climb and get a great view of the horizon and the great blue sea. This beach is also known for being the home to many endangered species like turtles, whales, and dolphins. The easiest way of getting there is to book vehicle from Professional Rent a Car in Karachi and set on to have a great day trip.

Do Darya Karachi


If you’re a foodie, Do Darya is the perfect place for you. Not only will you get all kinds of cuisines and the best taste, but you can enjoy your food with the perfect view of the sea.

Karachi Zoo Karachi


The Zoo located on Nishtar Road in Karachi is the largest and second oldest zoo in Pakistan. The zoo has over 800 animals, a natural history museum and beautiful gardens. It is a very fun place to go with your family to enjoy many different activities and a picnic.

Arabian Sea Country Club


This golf course and sports club make the perfect getaway from the city with your family. You will find so many activities to enjoy that include sports like cricket, tennis, squash, swimming, and snooker. Along with that, you can try shooting or horse riding as well.

Karachi is a city filled with history and adventure, culture and architecture, and so much more. Plan your trip to Karachi with the help of Professional rent a car in Karachi and enjoy the time of your lives visiting historic places and breathtaking views of the sea.

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